Why leaving diets behind isn’t the same as giving up

One of the first things I discuss with new coachees interested in intuitive eating is that they’ll have to put their focus on their weight on the back burner for a while. In fact, they’re encouraged to stop dieting all together! By removing the focus from your weight, you create room to start listening to your body.

If, like me, you’ve spent most of your life trying to lose weight and shrink yourself, the idea of giving up diets forever may be a tad bit scary. Or, let’s just say it how it is: terrifying.

Leaving diets behind and ceasing your efforts to try and change your body is a bit of a hurdle for the lifelong dieter. After all, there’s a reason you’ve spent so much time and energy on this. Every single time you brace yourself for a new diet attempt. This time you’ll succeed, right?

You dream of a thinner you. A better you. Because once you’re skinny, your life will finally begin. If you’re skinny / skinnier, you’ll finally wear those outfits you like so much. You’ll finally be good enough to find a good partner, go to the beach without a care and you’ll be more energetic, more fun and just a better person all around. Everywhere you look, you’ll see images and stories that will confirm this narrative.

All of this means that the idea of leaving diets behind can feel like giving up. Not just giving up on a skinnier body, but also giving up on a ‘better you’. Leaving diets behind can feel like you’re no longer trying, that you’re letting yourself go. It may feel like a loss. Like giving up on a dream you have to keep striving for because imagine that this time you’ll finally make it and you’ll finally get to be happy!

Let me tell you a little non-secret, darling. Wanna know what the best part is? Quitting the diets does not mean that you’re giving up. It means that you’re giving yourself a new chance.
A chance at a relaxed relationship with food. A chance for a nice, fun relationship with enjoyable movement. A chance at establishing a new form of communication with your body. A chance to get permission to take up space.

Stopping the pursuit of weight loss isn’t the end. It’s a new beginning.

Because if you’re really, really honest: what has your struggle with food done for you? Did it really make you happier?

What would it be like if you stop postponing life until you’re thin enough and you give yourself permission to start living your best life right here and now?

Sometimes we have to try something unknown, something scary, because all of our tactics so far just didn’t work out.

Saying ‘no’ to diets means giving yourself permission to take up space. Saying ‘no’ to diets means saying ‘yes’ to yourself.

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